Enjoy Nicholson Village Living.


ROI is a vibrant inner-city community that is home to around 300 residents.

Our apartment complex is a great place to live with its eco-friendly features, attractive foyers and gardens and the annual ROI Art Prize.

However, it is really its people who make the difference, and we have an active Owners’ Corporation Committee that is constantly endeavouring to keep the complex attractive, safe and in good order for all owners and residents.




Architecture by Bird de la Coeur Architects.

Photographs supplied with the permission of Bird de la Coeur Architects, Tony Miller Architectural Photography and Dianna Snape Photography, and Robby Edge Photography.

More than just an apartment building.


Originally ROI was known as 648A Nicholson Street, Fitzroy North. Rare City Acre Pty Ltd purchased the site in September 2007 from brothers Peter and Paul Di Campo, architects turned developers.

At that time, there were two commercial tenants: Cadet Shoes, a Fitzroy based Company, who were using about 50% of the site as a warehouse for their shoes. The other tenant was Sapori International Pty Ltd who were importers and distributors of coffee, mineral water and specialist Italian food goods. Both companies still trade today.

The laneway which runs on the west side of the development is in fact on the ROI Title, and those titles which front Nicholson Street and back on to that laneway have a right of carriageway over that lane. The architects appointed to design the building were Bird de la Coeur Architects.



Eco Sustainability


The electricity supply to the building is Eco conscious and an Embedded Network has been installed which provides for all the power to the site being bought in bulk and individually metered on site. This is a significant cost saving to the occupier and uses less electricity overall.

There are water storage tanks under the 2 garden beds in the courtyard. These tanks store water from the storm water drains which is then recycled to provide irrigation for the planters and also water to flush the toilets in Level 1 apartments. Again this is not only a cost saving measure but conserves water for the overall benefit of the community.

These initiatives added $300-400,000 to the cost of construction, and the owners and tenants reap the benefits of that expenditure in outgoing cost savings to the community generally.



Location, location, location

Located in the heart of Fitzroy North, ROI Apartments is surrounded by creative boutiques, cafes and the beautiful Edinburgh Gardens.

Just 3km north-east of Melbourne’s CBD, Fitzroy North is known for its wide streets, Victorian and Edwardian era terraced housing and less commercial activity, paving the way as an affluent family suburb.

Enjoy Nicholson Village, Fitzroy North.