Sharing our Space

We have all chosen to live in this community of around 300 people because of its many benefits. However, it’s a shared space, and while the vast majority of residents respect each other’s comfort, it’s necessary to remember there are some Rules to protect us all. Please ensure you have a copy of the Owners Corporation Rules which can be downloaded from the information section of the website.

The following information for residents has been summarised from the ROI Apartments booklet that was published and distributed in hardcopy last year and is in the information section of the website. Please read this booklet to ensure you have all the information you need for living in the ROI apartments. Contact us for further details.


Access & Entry

The buildings and carpark are accessible through the use of an electronic security swipe fob or the intercom system.

Access to the ROI apartments is through the:

  • Lobby in the West Wing in Bik Lane

  • East Wing via the central courtyard and next to the carpark ramp

  • Alfred Street (residents only)

  • Carpark at the end of Bik Lane

There are two lifts in the West Wing and one in the East Wing:

  • Residents use the swipe fob to access the relevant floors and the carpark

  • Visitors must contact the apartment resident by intercom, and when the resident identifies the caller and presses the ‘key’ button on their intercom, the visitor enters the building and has three minutes to proceed to the lift and press the relevant floor number.

Carpark entry:

  • If your visitor/s tailgates another person entering the carpark, they may be able to get into the lift by following someone, but they will not be able to gain access to your floor.

  • Please do not let people tailgate you if they are not known to you or if they are a visitor to another apartment.

Administration & Owners Corporation (Body Corp) Fees

Notices for administration and Owner's Corporation fees are issued to unit owners quarterly.

If you have any questions about these notices, please contact Angelo Voulgaris, ACE Body Corporate Management whose contact details are on the homepage

Balconies - General

Any alterations or installations of fly screens, blinds, kennels, air conditioning units etc. require written Owners Corporation approval. Should you wish to make any changes or renovations to your balcony, please ensure you discuss this with Angelo, ACE Body Corporate Management.

Many of you will have noticed how our complex is becoming unattractive through inappropriate storage of items on the balconies – some of these items are also fire hazards.

  • Washing, brooms, mops and other similar items, bikes, motor bikes, scooters, large items of furniture and boxes are not allowed to be stored on balconies under any circumstances.

  • Additionally no cane, grass or flammable items are to be stored or used to block out glass panels on balconies.

BBQ Area

The BBQ area is situated on the 3rd floor of the East Wing 
and is for all residents’ enjoyment. It is accessible via the 
East Wing lifts to Level 3.


The communal garden beds on the BBQ terrace have been 
planted and are maintained by members of the Garden Club 
that meets every two months. Look out for notices and please 
join the Garden Club. All residents are welcome to help 
themselves to herbs and vegetables.

It’s like a jungle sometimes, a stunning mural hand-painted by Melanie Caple, winner of the 2016 ROI Art Prize People’s Choice Award, adds warmth and character to the community garden 
and BBQ area.

To find out more about Melanie and her work visit her website

Enjoy using this communal space but please note that:

  • BBQ’s must be cleaned and left tidy when leaving the area.Please take your rubbish and bottles with you.

  • For the convenience of guests, a toilet is located on B1 adjacent to the East Wing lift.

  • Smoking is not permitted in the BBQ area.

  • Pets are not permitted in the BBQ area.

  • Please consider residents in adjoining and adjacent units especially with regard noise and music.

  • The BBQ area must be vacated by no later than 10pm.

Please park bikes in designated bike parking areas on level B1 and outside the carpark entry at Ground Level.

  • Do not store bikes on balconies or in designated car parks on Levels B1 and B2.

  • Regular bike audits are conducted to identify and remove abandoned bikes.

  • We are currently looking at ways to increase the bicycle storage capacity and information on the progress of this project will be included in Newsletters.

Bike Parking
& Storage

ACE Body Corporate Management has been appointed by the Owners Corporation to manage our building. Contact details are listed at the bottom of the home page.

The Owners Corporation has an annual general meeting around April each year and the Owners Corporation Committee is elected at the AGM.

The Committee Chair is Heather and the Secretary is Peter.

Body Corporate

Mario Interlandi is our on-site Building Manager and his contact details are listed at the bottom of the home page.

Building Manager

The hallways and common areas are cleaned very regularly by Mario and professional cleaners. Please advise Mario if you notice any areas that require cleaning, such as the lifts or foyer area.

Cleaning - Common Areas

The City of Yarra is our local council and information about rates, pet registration, libraries, etc. and contact details can be found on the homepage.

City of Yarra Council

The Owner’s Corporation has negotiated with a wholesale energy provider, WINEnergy, to supply all electricity to the ROI Apartments.

WINEnergy uses an embedded network established to physically aggregate the energy consumed within the complex to a single metered point. 

Sub-meters measure tenants’ and common area consumption. 

Electricity MUST be supplied to your apartment through WINEnergy. 

WINEnergy contact details can be found on the homepage.

Electricity Supply

Fire evacuation plans are displayed throughout the building. 

Emergency stairs have one way accessible doors. 

Do not exit on any floor other than the ground in case of fire or emergency.

Emergency Exits & Stairs

It is vitally important that all residents are aware of the fire and emergency features, equipment and procedures that must be followed in case of a fire or other emergency.

All apartments are fitted with smoke detectors which must be checked at least annually by owners or tenants. 

Please replace faulty smoke detectors or batteries where appropriate.

Smoke detectors make a distinct beeping sound when activated. To avoid activating the building’s alarm system, DO NOT OPEN YOUR APARTMENT DOOR when smoke is detected (for example, from burnt toast) especially where the door opens to a hallway or common area.

The building is also fitted with a fire detection system that is checked and tested regularly.

Fire hoses and fire extinguishers are located on each floor throughout both buildings (East and West wings). 

Fire doors on each floor automatically shut if there is a fire emergency or smoke in the building. These are magnetic doors controlled by the Building Fire Control panel. Only if considered safe and there is no fire evident can the doors be opened.

The emergency evacuation meeting point in case of fire is on Nicholson Street outside ‘Annoying Brother’.

Fire Training sessions are held from time to time and you are strongly encouraged to attend these no cost sessions.

Fire & Emergency Procedures

Dry powder and water based fire extinguishers are located on each floor in case of emergencies. 

Should you have any questions about the use of these fire extinguishers, please contact Mario, the Building Manager.

Fire Extinguishers

The gardens within the common area have been designed and are maintained by the Owner’s Corporation and the Building and Garden Maintenance Sub-Committee. 

Any suggestions from residents with regard to the gardens are welcomed - please contact Angelo, ACE Body Corporate Management, with ideas or feedback about the gardens. 


Gas usage (for cooking) is paid by the Owners Corporation, so there is no need to arrange connection or disconnection.

Gas supplied for the bulk hot water system is apportioned via lot entitlement and owners are billed every six months.


The ROI building is currently serviced by two separate hot water service units (one of top of the east wing and one on top of the west wing). Recently, the west wing service has been improved
through the addition of two new boilers.

Hot water is communal and is charged out quarterly to Lot Owners based on the size of each unit. 

Any issues with the hot water service should be raised immediately with the ROI Mario, the Building Manager.

Hot Water Service

The Owner’s Corporation has insurance covering the building and contents of the common area for property damage, theft and public liability. This insurance also covers the building and fixtures in your apartment (for example: kitchens, doors and walls) but not for carpets, light fittings and window coverings.

You are responsible for insurance for contents, chattels, and public liability insurance for your apartment, car space and storage cage. 

You should advise your insurer that your car park and storage unit are not directly adjacent to your living area, in particular to ensure your car park is covered for public liability.


Each apartment is equipped with an intercom that allows remote access to the main entry. 

Once you allow someone to enter the building they will be given access to the main entry door and lift access to your apartment floor only.


Each apartment is provided with one or two access fobs to the ROI Building. These access fobs will let you gain entry to the car park, main entry, rear building access, lift access to the West and East Building including the Level 3 BBQ area on the top floor of the East Wing.

Batteries for fobs are type A27 and are available from selected hardware shops and retailers.

Please note that apartment keys for this building cannot be cut by a general locksmith and additional or replacement keys and fobs can only be obtained through Angelo, ACE Body Corporate Management.

A regular access fob audit will be conducted and fobs not registered will be deactivated. Please respond to any requests to have your fob registered.

Keys & Security Fobs

Letter boxes are located inside the main entry door to the West Wing and this area is under camera surveillance.

Each apartment is provided with a lockable mail box and you are encouraged to keep your letterboxes locked at all times. 

Please note that if large items are left within the letterbox area they are at risk of being stolen. 

For more secure mail delivery, private Post Boxes can be rented from the local post offices listed in the ROI Booklet.

The Owners Corporation accepts no responsibility for the loss of any mail or items delivered to the complex. 

Letter Boxes

The residents’ library is located in the ground floor lobby of the West Wing.

All residents are welcome to read and return books and DVDs, or to take and keep and leave another in its place.

There's a great range of novels, lifestyle and travel books and magazines.

The volunteer librarian is a member of the Owners Corporation committee.


Do not hold lift doors open, lock them in the open position or force objects in the doors. 

Please restrain your children from playing with the lift buttons, especially the emergency bell.

Please report any lift breakdowns or issues to either the lift company as displayed within the lift, especially if an emergency, or Mario, the Building Manager.

We ask for your patience from time to time especially at weekends when lifts may be locked off to facilitate the move in/out of residents.


Please contact Mario, the Building Manager, to advise a move-in or move-out date at least 48 hours in advance of the move. A cash bond may be required for larger moves. Mario must be notified of excess rubbish, boxes etc and will advise where these are to be placed.

Rubbish chutes are not to be used for disposing of moving boxes or cartons. The rubbish chutes are for general rubbish only. 

A detailed Move-In/Move-Out building policy is contained within section two of the Owner’s Manual within each apartment.

Moving In/Out

NBN is now available to ROI residents. 

Be aware that you will need to transfer your internet and phone services to NBN at some stage in the future (unless you rely on mobile phone and wifi devices). 

NBN Accessibility

We have all chosen to live in this community of more than 300 people because of its many benefits. However, it’s a shared space, and while the vast majority of residents respect each other’s comfort, unreasonable noise is the most common cause of disputes.

Rule Number 4 of the Owners’ Corporation Rules covers Noise


This is particularly important when using the BBQ area. If a reasonable request doesn’t solve the problem, then, after 10.00 pm, it’s a police matter. Please call Fitzroy Police on the phone number listed on the homepage, or 

The Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) – see the homepage for contact details.


Notice boards are located:

Outside the lifts on the ground floor of the West Wing.

Outside the lifts on Levels B1 and B2

Contact Mario, the Building Manager, if you wish to display a notice and check here for information from the Owners’ Corporation.

Notice Boards

Car parks are clearly marked with apartment numbers and ONE car park is included in the title of the majority of apartments. 

These secure parks are located in Levels B1 or B2 of the car park. 

Vehicle access is controlled by your remote control fob which has a range of 5 – 8 metres.

In cases where the residents of an apartment have more than one vehicle, NO PARKING IS AVAILABLE IN THE COMPLEX. 

For your convenience, a 5 minutes pick-up and set down zone has been assigned outside the main entrance to the building.

Tradesmen and removalists require a permit to use this space and this issued by the Mario, the Building Manager, with 48hrs notice.

Parking - Residents

17 Visitor Car Parks, including 2 Disabled Bays, are located on common property on B1.

Visitors can access these by calling the relevant apartment on the intercom provided at the entry ramp.

Use is restricted to 48 consecutive hours.

Cars parked in these spaces are regularly monitored for compliance and owners of non-compliant vehicles can be served with Notice of Breach.

Parking - Visitors

Pets that cause no nuisance to neighbours and no damage to Common Property are permitted.

You may not exercise your animals on Common Property nor allow them to roam freely or urinate or defecate on any Common Property at any time.

Do not keep your pets on your balcony at any time unless you are present.

Kennels or other animal structures cannot be constructed or placed on balconies without the prior written consent of the Owners Corporation.


Yarra Trams Route 96 runs along Nicholson Street and Route 11 runs along St Georges Road.

Bus Number 504 – Moonee Ponds – Clifton Hill via East Brunswick – operates along Reid and Richardson Streets.

Public Transport

There is a rubbish chute in the lift lobby of each floor for securely packaged non-recyclable rubbish.

Food scraps, mainly fruit and vegetable matter, can be put in the worm farms on Level B2. Read instructions above the worm farms about suitable compostable items.

Under no circumstances can you dispose of hard rubbish, including glass, brick, crockery, appliances or similar, through the garbage chute.

Recyclable rubbish - cans, bottles, cardboard etc. - must be taken to the recycle bins in one of the two Bin Rooms on B1 level. Cardboard boxes must be flattened before being placed in bins. 

Plastic bags must not be placed in the recycle bins. Please put all plastic bags in the red bin beside the recycling bin.

Hard rubbish (furniture etc.) removal is the individual’s responsibility (see ROI Booklet). Do not leave any items in front of the garbage chute, or in front of the Bin Rooms.

Rubbish Chutes, Rubbish Removal, Recycling & Green Waste

Access requires a swipe with your key fob. 

PLEASE DO NOT  allow ‘tailgating’. 

Report any suspicious activity to Mario, or after hours, to the police.


Smoking is not permitted in the BBQ area, stairwells, lifts, foyers, carparks, hallways or lobbies or any other area forming part of the Common Property.

Please be mindful that smoking on your balcony will not only cause a nuisance to your neighbours, but may present a fire risk. 

Cigarette butts must not be disposed of over balconies or on Common Property.


Each apartment has a storage cage assigned to it. 

Check with the Mario, the Building Manager, for its location as there are several areas within the complex. 

You will need to purchase your own padlock to secure the cage.

All items must be stored within the cage. 

No items may be stored on top of or between the cages on Common Property.

Storage Cages

The Owners Corporation Rules regarding residents’ behaviour also apply to visitors, and it is your responsibility as a resident to ensure your visitors comply.


Connection and accounts are arranged through City West Water. Contact details are on the homepage.